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Chartered Landscape Architect and Horticulturist

Landscape Architecture: Welcome

Chartered Landscape Architect

B&P Design Landscape Architects is based in Gatehouse of Fleet, we service Dumfries and Galloway from Stranraer, thorough to  Thornhill and Annan and cover the surrounding areas. 


 We offer a personally tailored service to landowners and corporate companies for advice, planning, design, and landscape management.

We are an Award-winning Chartered Landscape Architect and Horticulturist company providing practical green sustainable solutions in domestic and commercial development design and management.



We are concerned with quality assessment of the landscape which is a sub-category of environmental impact assessment. The term Landscape quality can be used to mean either visual assessment or character assessment and is assessed either as part of a strategic planning process or in connection with a specific development which will affect the landscape


We can oversee the design, creation and maintenance of the landscape project. The actual process may involve providing services to individuals or businesses. In all forms, landscape management seeks to effectively care for the landscape while complying with the Clients wishes



We can help with planning policy relevant to the landscape, resolving planning conditions and building warrants all through the planning process.  We are also concerned with developing landscaping amongst competing land uses while protecting natural processes and significant cultural and natural resources.


We can help you realise the garden you’ve always wanted, shaping and firming your ideas into a meaningful, organised plan that works for the space you have and your family’s needs

landscaped garden
  • ​Grounds Maintenance Manuals
    We have the knowledge and experience of preparing grounds maintenance manuals. Each one is tailored to the needs of the individual site.
  • ​Landscape Character Assessments
    The Landscape Character Assessment establishes a baseline audit of the current character of the landscape and provides a framework for the measurement of future landscape change. We have experience in preparing these assessments to promote appreciation and understanding of the landscape.
  • ​Landscape Visual Appraisals and Assessments
    Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment is the process of evaluating the landscape and visual effects of a development proposal. We can assist you with this to ensure that your planning application and any conditions or warrants are resolved at an early stage.
  • ​Landscape Action Plans
    Landscape Action Plans are designed to be a working document. These provide a guide for your actions and support your decision-making, and are amended and developed as required.
  • ​Vegetation Site Survey and Analysis
    B&P Design can provide vegetation surveys and analysis for any type of project.
  • ​Estate Health & Safety Land Audits
    Working on sites exposes contractors to various risks. We can assess these risks on site and advise on safe methods of working.
  • ​Landscape Management Plans
    We can provide Landscape Management and Maintenance Plans to describe how the development will be maintained. It should include plans to ensure the designed landscape fulfils its roles of providing habitats and recreational space.
  • ​Funding Bid Development Applications
    We can look at the available grants and funding streams to support your project and can work with you to secure the funding.
  • ​Landscape Planning Advice
    We can assist you with the planning application by working with you & the Local Planning Authority to ensure that conditions or warrants are resolved at an early stage. We have lots of experience that can bring out the best in a development and its setting.
  • Landscape Contract Management
    We are highly experienced providing management of large-scale grounds maintenance and landscaping contracts. We supply interim management, contractor oversight KPI compliance and work closely with the client and contractors.
  • ​Landscape Renovation of Parks and Gardens
    We have the experience and can help you restore your park or garden to its former self. This may involve looking at historical data or may be deterioration through age, neglect, wear, pests and diseases, and increasingly climate change impacts.
  • ​Interior Atriums & Plant Assessment
    An indoor atrium garden is a unique focal point that brings sunlight and nature to the indoor environment. We can design and assess these spaces so that they provide all the benefits of health and well-being.

Our Recent Projects 


BALI National Landscape Award Winner

We were awarded our highest accolade of receiving a Principle BALI award as designer and landscape estate manager for Sefton Park, Stoke Poges.


Civic Trust Award Winner

Lea Bridge Road, Hackney. Local Government. Showed innovation and demonstrated an improvement to the environment around this busy highway junction.

Philip Ayres has a wealth of knowledge in all matters relating to landscape management and design. He has a passion and imagination for providing inspirational work and firmly believes in finding cost-effective solutions in his design ideas plans and environmental work

We are proud to receive the Civic Trust Award for our project in Watchmoor Park, Camberley Civic Trust Award


Local Government  Award Winner

Birdseye view of tiled landing

Contact B&P Design Landscape Architects for a chartered landscape architect and horticulturist. We service Dumfries and Galloway from Stranraer, thorough to  Thornhill and Annan and cover the surrounding areas.

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